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Patricia's Cuisine Caterers Buffet Platters
Buffet PlattersOur increasingly popular buffet platters are as versatile as they are tasty!

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Versatile & Tasty Buffet Platters

Patricia has created a wide range of buffet platters which compliment near-enough any menu. Each platter will feed 4-5 people. Looking for a little more variety in your buffet? Want the reassurance of having something in reserve so you don't run out? Catering for a number of guests with particular food preferences? No problem! Add a buffet platter to any menu or just sandwiches then each platter will feed 10-12 people.

Buffet platters ordered on their own will feed 4-5 people.

The Ocean Buffet Platter - £36.00

Dishes of seafoods eg. Mussels, prawns, cockles, squid etc.
King Prawns
Layers of smoked salmon
Fish goujons
Crab Sticks

The Mediterranean Buffet Platter - £28.50

Chorizo in red wine & garlic
Kebabs of parma ham, mozarello, basil & tomato drizzled with olive oil & pesto
Marinaded chicken & grape skewers
Patatas bravas with alioli
Greek spanakopita - filo parcels with spinach, feta, & dill
Dishes of olives
Garlic breads

The Indian Buffet Platter - £25.50

Vegetable samosas
Onion bharjees
Vegetable pakora
Chicken satay kebabs
Spicy sweet potatoes
Asparagus with ginger

The Italian Pizza Platter - £26.00

Mushroom & peppers
Meat Feast

The Seasonal Fruit Buffet Platter - £22.50

Slices of melon & pineapple
Oranges & Kiwis

The Oriental Buffet Platter - £24.50

Vegetable Spring rolls
Dim Sum
Prawn Crackers
Crispy Duck pancakes with spring onion & strips of cucumber with soy sauce
Chilli vegetable wontons
Prawn toasts

The Bits-On-Sticks Buffet Platter - £25.00

Cheeseboard on a stick
Tomato, Mozarrello & olive
Mini chicken tikka kebabs
Cocktail sausages
Cheese & Pineapple
Brie & grape
Parma ham & melon
Cheese & onion

The Crudities & Dips Buffet Platter - £18.50

Batons of: celery, carrots, peppers, cucumber
Dishes of cherry tomatoes, radish
Curled spring onions
Various dips

Patricia's Vegan Platter - £26.00

Mini sandwiches (with soy spread):
Vegan cheese & tomato
Avocado salad
Vegan bacon lettuce & tomato
Garlic mushroom
Vegan cream cheese & chive
Vegan sausage rolls
Spinach puff pastry pinwheels
Julienne salad with hummus dip
Vegan crisps

The Paté & Cheese Buffet Platter - £32.50

Two types of meat paté
Mature cheddar
Creamy brie
Two types of chutney
Dishes of olives & pickles
Basket of breads & biscuits & butters

The Selections of Meats Buffet Platter - £36.00

Roast sirloin of beef slices
Slices of breast of chicken
Honey roasted gammon ham slices
Salami & Chorizo
Serrano Ham
Sides of mustard & horseradish

The Crisps & Dips Buffet Platter - £13.50

Various crisps
Tortilla chips

Mini Dessert Platter - £30.50

Squares of New York Cheesecake
Mini Profiteroles with Chocolate Topping
Chocolate Brownies
Strawberry & Cream Meringues
Macaroon Tartlets
Homemade Mini Scones Served With Sides Of Jam & Cornish Cream
Mini Cream Horns