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Locally sourced produce, vegan and vegetarian catering
Vegetarian & VeganI put just as much thought into creating meat-free and dairy-free meals for your guests.

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Vegetarian & Vegan Caterer

Patricia's Cuisine is a quality caterer based in Bedfordshire with a long-held belief that, wherever possible, it's always better to cook with locally produced, superior quality food. All the food that we serve is individually homecooked by hand. When you choose to care how your food arrived upon your plate you'll be able to taste the difference that buying fresh and buying locally makes.

Vegetarian Starters

Melon & grapefruit with ginger & sherry dressing
Herb cheese pate
Vegetable tartlet (shortcrust pastry filled with cheese & courgettes)
Melon with port wine
Stuffed beefsteak tomato (filled with cheese, nuts, rice etc.)
Savoury tartlet with egg mousse filling

Vegetarian Main Courses

Courgette roulade
Provencale tartlet
Tagliatelle with a tomato, mushroom onion & pepper sauce
Spinach lattice flan (with spinach, ricotta & parmesan filling)
Vegetable lasagne
Broccoli & stilton quiche
Cheese, onion & potato bake
Cashew nut roast
Mushroom & leek pie
Spinach & cheese pie (hot or cold)
Chilli bean & mixed vegetable casserole
Broccoli & cheese roulade
Brazil & cashew nut roast with chestnut filling & red wine sauce
Rice & vegetable bake
Asparagus with garlic & brie wrapped in puff pastry

Vegan Main Courses

Avocado & pine nut flan (cold)
Sweetcorn flan (cold)
Chestnut & red wine pate en croute (not or cold)
Flaky mushroom roll (hot)
Greek pies (hot)
Tomato, olives & basil fusili with courgettes (hot)
Tomato tagliatelle verde with lentil & red wine sauce (hot)
Mixed rice with nuts, apricots & coriander (hot or cold)
Creamy nut korma (hot)
Stuffed white nut roast (hot or cold)

Vegan Desserts

Fresh fruit salad
Compote of fresh red fruits
Oranges in curasco
Pineapple filled with melon, mango & strawberries
Banana, raisin & vanilla "icecream"