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A Wide Range of Tasty Versatile Salads
Mouthwatering SaladsTasty salads brighten-up any menu, they're not garnish!

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Our Full List of Salads

Patricia's Cuisine prepares and serves a wide range of tasty and versatile salads to accompany our food at any occasion. Any salad combination goes and because its all homemade its very fresh. Simply let us know how many guests you're catering for and we'll ensure there's enough salad to go round.

Available Salad Options:

Apple, Carrot & RaisinAubergine & PepperPotato & ChiveGreek SaladApple Coleslaw with Soured Cream DressingPasta, Sweetcorn & PeppersCurried Tuna Fish & RicePasta, Avocado & PrawnsPasta, Green Bean, & Broccoli With Cream CheeseTuna Pasta SaladTomato & Onion SaladTuna Niçoise SaladGreen SaladCucumber SaladRoasted Vegetable SaladChilli Cous Cous SaladCarrot & CeleriacColeslawNutty ColeslawCheesey ColeslawThree Bean SaladWaldorf SaladSalmon & Sweetcorn SaladSpanish Rice SaladBrown Rice SaladJulienne salad with various dips:
Taramasalata; Curry; Creamy Sardine; Chilli Cheese; Cucumber; Chive; Dill; Avocado; Garlic and Stilton & Ricotta.