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The Classic Ploughman's by Patricia's Cuisine, Bedfordshire
Tasty Classic Ploughman's

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The Classic Ploughman's

The Ploughman's lunch has now become a classic menu option. Patricia's Ploughman's includes all the classic cheese combinations plus a few tasty extras! The ploughmans makes a good option for a wedding evening buffet or a light lunch option.

Ploughman's - £11.25 per head

Selections of cheeses
Selections of pates (vegetarian and meat)
All above decorated with dates, grapes, etc.
Pickles e.g. picallilli, branston, silverskin
Selections of bread rolls
Selections of biscuits
Bread sticks
Pickled eggs and gherkins
Various crisps and dips
Fruit Baskets

Salads are available on request to compliment this classic Ploughman's - salads for Ploughman's are priced at £1.25 per head. View our full list of salads