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Bespoke StartersChoose from more than 70 mouthwatering starters

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Bespoke Starters

Each one of these bespoke starter dishes is homecooked from the freshest possible, locally sourced ingredients. Patricia's Cuisine caters for any occasion and these starters have been designed to compliment our bespoke main course dishes would be perfect for a dinner party.


Potato & onion
Celery & stilton
Celery & stilton
Leek & potato
Cream of onion
Carrot & coriander
Tomato & basil
French onion
Cream of salmon
Cream of lettuce
Cream of vegetable
Roasted pepper & tomato
Butternut & orange
Sweetcorn & swede


Prawn & salmon toasts
Fresh salmon and leek millefeuille
Hors D'Oeuvres plate
Prawn cocktail
Fried prawn cocktail cakes on a bed of creamy tomato sauce
Smoked trout pate
Smoked salmon with avocado & prawn sauce
Salmon & watercress pate
Avocado pear & prawns
Avocado vinaigrette
Fresh asparagus with hollandaise sauce
Haddock, cheese & tomato ramekins (hot)
Salmon mousse (whole in fish shape)
Liver & bacon pate
Smoked salmon pate
Fresh haddock mousse in ramekins
Melon with blueberry fruit sorbet
Melon with fruit
Fanned melon with a raspberry coulis
Parma ham with melon
Grapefruit cocktail
Garlic mushrooms (hot)
Goats cheese & spinach tartlet with red onion marmalade
Egg & smoked salmon mousse in ramekins
Smoked salmon & prawn parcels in rose marie sauce
Mackerel & puy lentil & pear salad
Creamy garlic mushroom & toasted crostini with cracked pepper
Savoury pancakes with prawn & tuna filling
Taglietelle with gorgonzola sauce
Stuffed beefsteak tomato
Individual salmon mousse with cucumber sauce
Savoury tartlet with egg mousse
Vegetable tartlet
Tomato, mozarello & avocado with basil dressing and garnish
Crab mousse rolled in smoked salmon served with a dill sauce & blinis

Starters From Around The World

Potato & pesto soup
Indian Bean soup v
Chinese potato & pork broth
Curried parsnip soup v
Pumpkin soup v
Brown lentil & pasta soup
Spanish tomato soup v
Mulligatawny soup v
Vegetarian hot & sour soup
Pork Dim Sum
Crispy wontons
Vegetable spring rolls
Black olive pate v
Chicken or beef satays
Cauliflower roulade v
Onion & mozzarella tarts v
Courgette fritters v
Onion bhargees
Soupe Aux Chataignes de L'ardeche (non veggie)
(Ardeche chestnut soup)
Gateas de foies blonds de volaille (non-veggie)
(Chicken liver terrine)