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International cuisine
Main CoursesFantastic flavours catering for global tastes.

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Dishes From Around The World

Besides traditional quality dishes Patricia's Cuisine also caters for those who love global cuisine. Our wide range of dishes from around the world will take your palate on a mouthwatering journey through Europe, Asia and across the Pacific to America. All our dishes are homecooked and are prepared by hand using the finest quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Main Courses From Around The World

Turkey with cranberry glaze
Peking Duck (dinner party)
Tasmanian Duck (cherries & leeks)
Roast Duck with Apple
Beef & black bean sauce
Mexican Beef served with Tortillas
Lamb with Garlic sauce
Irish Stew with dumplings
Fruity Lamb Casserole
Pan Fried Liver with Thyme
Neopolitan Pork steaks
Spare Ribs with Chilli
Pork with ratatouille sauce
Veal in rose petal sauce
Char-Grilled Venison steaks
Pesto Baked Partridge
Indonesian Style Spicy Cod
Haddock with Saffron sauce
Gingered Monkfish
Red Mullet with Amaretto sauce
Italian Cod
Ocean Pie
Salmon with Caper sauce
Tuna steak with Roast Peppers
Scallops with mushrooms
Jerk Chicken
Jamaican Hot Pot
Chicken Cacciatoria
Spanish Chicken casserole
Coconut Chicken Curry
Szechuan Chilli chicken
Mexican Chicken
Red chicken curry
Cajun chicken Gumbo
Chicken tikka marsala
Chicken with black bean sauce