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Catering equipment hire Bedfordshire wedding
My catering equipment is available for hire for every occasion from the smallest party to the largest wedding.

Catering Equipment Hire

Whether you run a catering business or are the person responsible for throwing a celebration party, having enough equipment to cater for every occasion is essential. Fortunately you can hire Patricia's catering equipment and make life easier. Use either our delivery/collection service or, if you wish, make arrangements to collect. We have, for hire, up to 150 place settings in Buckingham design.

ItemHire Price ItemHire Price 
Cutlery – Bead Design Glassware 
Soup Spoons10p Savoie Glasses12p 
Dinner Forks10p Tumblers12p 
Dinner Knives10p Champagne Flutes12p 
Side Knives10p Sherry Glasses12p 
Side Forks10p Port Glasses12p 
Dessert Spoons10p Pint Glasses12p 
Fish Forks10p    
Fish Knives10p Extra Glassware 
Butter Knives10p 1 Inch Ramekin30p 
Teaspoons10p 2 Inch Ramekin30p 
Table Serving Spoons10p 3 Inch Ramekin30p 
Coffee Spoons10p 4 Inch Ramekin30p 
Cake Forks10p Salad/Trifle Dishes50p 
Large Serving Spoons30p Tall Glass Sundae Dishes50p 
Soup Ladles30p Water Jugs50p 
Cutlery Extras Extra Items 
Flan Slicers50p Waterboiler£5.00 
Tongs Long Or Short50p Gas Burner Chafing Dishes£12.00 
Bottle Openers50p (Gas Supplied Extra Charge) 
Cheese Knives30p Heated Trays£5.00 
   Double Soup Urn£5.00 
Crockery – Buckingham Design – White Double Gas Cooking Tops£5.00 
12 Inch Plates10p (Gas Supplied Extra Charge) 
10 Inch Plates10p 18 Inch Plastic White Oval Serving Platters50p 
8 Inch Plates10p Wooden Bread Basket25p 
6 Inch Plates10p Large Tea Pot£1.00 
Dessert Bowls10p Coffee Flask£1.00 
Cups10p Small Table Freezer£20.00 
Saucers10p Metal Serving Dishes Various Sizes50p 
Oval Cheese Plates20p Large Cooking Pans£3.00 
Sugar Bowls40p Large Collanders£3.00 
Half Pint Milk Jugs40p Fish Kettle£3.00 
Quarter Pint Cream Jugs40p Various Size Silver Platters£2.00 
1 Pint Jugs50p Round Silver Drinks Trays£1.00 
Vegetable Serving Dishes50p 10 Inch Round Marble Cheeseboard£2.00 
Lasagne/Pie Dishes50p Cruet Set50p 
Small Coffee Cups10p    
Small Coffee Saucers10p    

Wash-up Service

Nobody likes washing-up after a celebration so why not let Patricia's Cuisine do the washing-up for you? After your celebration we'll collect all the catering equipment you've hired and wash it all up for you. Our washing-up service is priced at 50% of the hire charge of your catering equipment.

Catering Equipment Collection and Delivery

Delivery and collection charges apply, if you would like us to deliver the equipment you've hired then your location will affect delivery costs. Typically, functions in and around Bedfordshire are where our catering equipment hire service is most often required. Please get in touch if you'd like details of our delivery charges.

Catering Equipment Hire - Quote

Catering equipment hire quote